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    Since 1917, The Cribari Family has been recognized as a leader inproviding sacramental wines to the reverend clergy.  Their fine reputation has been earned throught the quality of their wines--quality borne of care and meticulous attention to detail.
    These wines have enjoyed continuous ecclesiastical approbation by the Bishops of Fresno, California.  All are prepared in full accordance with Canon law.
    Cribari Quality Reserve Altar Wines have all the proper characteristics for the high purpose for which they are intended.  The Cribari Family's four generations of experience enables us to recommend these superior Altar Wines without qualification. 

    Select from Light Sweet Wines (12% Alcohol by Volume) such as Rosato, White Rosato and Light Muscat.  Religious Goods Center also supplies Golden Angelica, a Sweet Wine (18% Alcohol by Volume).